What Is The Collective Agreement For Teaching Staff In Ges

Any party may, at any time after 12 months from the date of this Agreement and twice during the duration of the agreement, notify in writing that it wishes to negotiate a change in the rate of pay or any other issue affecting the terms of service. Hours of work per day are prescribed by law. i. Contact deadlines are set by negotiations between the two parties, namely the GHG and GNAT. ii. Workers who work outside normal working hours receive appropriate compensation equal to a percentage of the worker`s gross monthly salary. iii. Monitoring and monitoring of audits conducted by an external agency on behalf of service delivery are payable over time. SECTION 26.

Training Program The service organizes systematic in-service programs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of workers. These include teachers to be promoted and those promoted to senior leadership positions. i. All of these in-service programs are recorded and are valid for the worker`s transportation. Ii. The service is responsible for providing all logistics during commissioning and services. iii. All new workers receive an employer-sponsored orientation within 30 days of the start of service. The orientation aims to familiarize 27 workers with the basic activities of the service and schools, as well as the rights and responsibilities provided by this collective agreement. Iv. The service issues free certificates of participation to all staff participating in the service`s assignment programs. v.

A staff member who is required to undergo training is informed of the duration, purpose and extent. When a worker is trained for a promotion, he is familiar with the job to which he can be promoted or confirmed if he successfully completes the training. If there is a difference between the service and the association or service and the workers, or where a level of interpretation, application, non-application or violation of this agreement raises local problems of any kind, the following procedure is applied to ensure a peaceful industrial atmosphere within the service. i. The aggrieved service officer first takes the matter into account with his or her immediate head. The local secretary or representative of the association can accompany the employee. ii. If no conclusions are reached, the matter is referred to the District Director of Education. The matter is referred to an appeals commission formed by the district director and of which the district secretary of the association is a member for the count. iii. When the matter is resolved by the District-level Appeals Board, it is referred to a permanent joint bargaining committee of the association and service at the regional level.

The Ghana Education Service facilitates the implementation of a housing system for the service`s teaching staff. The objective of this agreement is to determine the remuneration and method of calculating employee compensation, notice, transfer and discipline, the principle of adapting remuneration to productivity, hours of work and other conditions and rules of employment.