Tui Booking Agreement

Please note that we need special permission for certain trips and therefore we need your passport data before accepting your booking. If you renew your passport after booking, you may need to bring your old passport to preserve the validity of the authorization. The airline can use large and low-hull aircraft. Changes to the actual airline after receiving your tickets will be communicated to you as soon as possible and in all cases at check-in or boarding. Such a change is considered a minor change. Other examples of minor changes are changing your return flights less than 12 hours, changing the type of aircraft, changing accommodation to another standard. Some flights may have to stop en route. If we know in advance, we will tell you. The times displayed in the brochure, on the website and on your booking confirmation are not guaranteed. Actual schedules will be displayed on your tickets.

Flight times are local schedules based on the 24-hour system. If the traveller cancels or does not indicate it for the booked flight, no refund is made, except for taxes collected by airports and governments at the time of booking. These refunds are refunded on written request from the traveller no later than three months after the cancellation or non-arrival date, after deducting a fixed administrative charge of 35 euros per application. The traveller must inform TUI Airlines Belgium NV in writing of the cancellation before the date of the flight, indicating the reference number or numbers of the booking. Cancellations are only possible on business days during business hours (Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Cancellations outside this period will be processed the next business day. Travellers are advised to insure themselves against the financial consequences of a cancellation or non-stay. If your booking is paid by credit card, a 1.5% processing fee is charged. If you receive the booking confirmation and the invoice and your departure documents, please check the details carefully and let us know immediately if anything goes wrong. The names on the travel documents must match exactly those of your passports. Unless we are responsible for the error, we assume no responsibility if an airline or other airline refuses boarding because the names on your passport are different from those on your ticket.

Travel documents will be sent to you (at the address provided to us by the original name at the time of booking) approximately 2 weeks before your departure or by email and will not be issued, unless the balance of the due has been received and any cheques have been deleted. For bookings made 14 days or less before departure, the administrative fee is $15 per person and tickets will not be mailed, but will likely have to be withdrawn at the airport on the day of departure. If you want to change the details of your booking (z.B. change another hotel or change a name in your booking) or cancel an optional surcharge you have booked, we will do our best, in order to help, but note that changes depending on availability and changes that are major changes, such as those that would reduce the basic price of your holiday or otherwise have the effect that your vacation would be a package holiday, will be treated by us as another holiday and that changes to the hotel or flight within 84 days (for travel agencies 70 days) will also be treated by us as a cancellation and subject to cancellation fees.