Sample Master Service Agreement Software

Proper Master Service Agreement provides guides for the IT outsourcing company and work organization, forms the basis of their relationship and streamlines future agreements. (e) „intellectual property rights“: all rights, titles and interests on and on all intellectual and commercial property, including: (a) all patents and applications, therefore; b) all inventions, trade secrets, design, processes, processes and know-how; (c) all copyrights, recordings and copyright applications, as well as all other related rights worldwide; (d) all trade names, company names, logos, common law trademarks, registrations and trademark registrations; and (e) all computer programs, applications or software, source code, object or executable, and any ownership of those programs, applications or software, including documentation and other related materials or documents. 5. Liquidated Damages for HIRING MY COMPANY EMPLOYEES: If, for the duration of the agreement or twelve months after, the client directly or indirectly retains the services (whether employee, self-employed or other) of an employee of MY COMPANY (or ex-employee within three months of the end of the MY COMPANY employee) who provided services to the client on behalf of my COMPANY , but the amount of such damage will be difficult to determine. As a result, the client agrees that the client will pay for each employee of this type of MY COMPANY hired by the client, MY COMPANY twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) as liquidated damages. Notwithstanding the above, the „MY COMPANY collaborator“ within the meaning of this section 5 includes only MY COMPANY employees who provide services to MY COMPANY clients, not accountants, lawyers or other independent contractors of MY COMPANY who provide services to MY COMPANY itself. (i) provide all necessary equipment and services on the phone, computer, hardware and software, or the product created by the services; and although a master service agreement model has many general provisions for MSA agreements, transaction-specific information needs to be added. (f) „service,“ a service consistent with a service plan that SAV makes available to the customer in accordance with this agreement. (2) Additional charges. The customer is also responsible for all costs and costs related to additional services or additional costs incurred by SAV for the provision of services caused by the client`s failure to: a) to provide accurate data in a prescribed format; (b) fulfilling one of its obligations under this agreement; or (c) provide data on the date required for processing.